Uniform Diagrams



•   Shirt, NWU

•   Trousers, NWU

•   Cap, Eight Point

•   Boot, Black Leather 9"

•   Socks, Black, Boot

•   Undershirt, Cotton, Blue, Crewneck

•   Undershorts

•   Belt, Black, Cotton or Nylon w/Silver Clip (Enlisted)

•   Buckle, Silver (Enlisted)

•   Belt, Khaki Cotton or Nylon w/Gold Clip (CPO & Officer)

•   Buckle, Gold (CPO and Officer)

•   Insignia, Collar (Embroidered)

•   Name/U.S. NAVY Service Tapes

•   Straps, Blousing

•   Breast Insignia (See "Breast Insignia" on page 131)


•   Coat, Parka (with Black Fleece Liner)

•   Cap, Knit Watch (Note 8)

•   Gloves, Black Leather

•   Mockneck, Black


•   Belt, Rigger

•   Boot, Black, Rough Out 9"

•   Earmuffs (with outer-garment Only)

•   Trouser, Gore-tex

•   Gloves, Black Non-Leather

•   Cap, Ball

Occasions for Wear

•   Authorized for commuting and all normal task and associated stops (e.g. stops at child care, gas stations, off-base shopping, banking, DMV and dining) before, during, and after the workday

•   NWUs are not a liberty uniform and drinking alcohol while off-base in NWUs is not permitted

•   The area or regional commander may further restrict uniform policies

•   Within the National Capital Region, the NWU is not authorized inside the pentagon building, national mall area bounded by capitol hill and surrounding senate and house staff offices, the white house and executive office building, state department and al

Male Enlisted, CPO, and Officer—Navy Working Uniform (NWU)